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HELP!! I have to change my Will !!

There are many reasons to change your testamentary instruments. One client calls me up every six months to make different distributions of her jewelry and her furs, from one grandchild to another.

Most people make changes when they move, when they have changes in their family, when children grow up or marry and have children of their own. Sometimes beneficiaries die before they can inherit.

But most of all, a will is an obsolete instrument in these modern times. The revocable living trust is the preferred solution, for reasons I will explain when we consult.

People who rely on a will are leaving their survivors with unnecessary headache and expense, and at a time when they are least able to handle it. I can help heirs who come into an estate, and executors or successor trustees who suddenly have to deal with a marshalling and distribution of assets.


If you are relying on a Will alone,† and you own property in different cities or states, your heirs will have to open probate in each locale where the property sits, and have that judge supervise the transfer of the property.


It happens more often than people take care of it !!