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While at the federal level, there is not a law yet that makes discrimination based on sexual orientation unlawful, this does not preclude sexual harassment claims involving same sex.

You do not need to endure harassment of any kind, or threats from co-workers. If you feel able to, report it instantly to personnel department, or the appropriate superior.

If you get no relief, you are not obliged to stay working there. The law recognizes a concept called “Constructive Termination,” meaning conditions were intolerable, and they as good as fired you by making it impossible for you to continue there.

These are complex issues. You should consult with an attorney as soon as you figure out what is going one


The statute of limitations for wrongful termination or sexual harassment is generally one year. However, you must obtain a Right To Sue letter from Department of Fair Employment and Housing, or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

This happens all the time.