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Hi, I am TONY PROST. I have been helping clients in San Diego since 1991, I have been working almost exclusively for gay and lesbian clients since 1997.

I have developed a set of estate and testamentary documents which are tailored to suit the situation of the non-married family, whether registered domestic partners, or not.

Every client who comes in the door has a different story and a different problem. My job is to figure out how to do what you want to do, within the limits of the law.

My philosophy is that most problems between reasonable people can be settled with the assistance of professionals like attorneys, mediators and financial consultants. I always enter into a dispute with the intention of finding a settlement. And in point of fact, the vast majority of disputes in America are settled by negotiation and agreement.

I have appeared in every court in San Diego, over the course of my career, and also in courts in the adjoining counties, Riverside, Orange, Los Angeles and Imperial.

I am sure I can give you some good advice about your problem, and propose a course of action aimed to achieve your goals.

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