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Well, congratulations!

So, are you going to register as Domestic Partners?�

There are a lot of things to think about before doing that. If you register, you are as good as married, within the State of California, without the �M-Word.�

If you want the M-Word, you can find a church that will marry you in the eyes of the Lord.


 What are you going to do about your assets from before your life together? Join them? Keep them separate?

������������ You will be bound by California Community Property Law, unless you agree otherwise, and put it in writing.

������������ What about title to your property? Make sure you know the consequences of putting someone on title or changing title in any way.








 If you aren't going to register it�s even more important to put your decisions in writing, at the time you decide on your agreements, because, in my experience, it is much harder to work these things out years later when conditions have changed and memories have faded.

 In any event, you are taking a big step, and it�s best to consult with a lawyer, to find out what all you need to think about, and make decisions about them.

 You especially need to work out the details of your Wills and Trusts, your Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives, Nominations of Conservators, and a suite of accompanying documents, to protect your relationship when you are outside the State of California, which is especially liberal in these matters.


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