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Sorry, folks, it happens a lot!

†††††††††††† Well, you have come to the end of a relationship. You are pretty well knocked flat, and you have a lot of issues besides the legal ones. But the legal issues are real, and they can sucker punch you if you ignore them.

†††††††††††† If you are registered, itís simple. You get a dissolution in court, just like any married couple. The whole community property, spousal support, property division analysis. It is an assembly line, and you probably need a lawyer to advise you about it. Especially if you are dealing with your own emotional issues at the same time. In the end, the judge will rubber stamp your agreement, and you will be done.

 If you are not registered, itís more complicated.† I tell you from the outset, it is my intention in all cases to help my client come to an acceptable settlement. Because if you donít, the judge will have to tell you how things are going to be. That never leaves anyone happy. And it costs a lot of money. I have taken three non-registered divorces to trial, and have had mixed results, because the law does not easily handle couples that are not married.


FREE LEGAL ADVICE: you can do your own divorce, many people do, but judges have little patience for people who cannot follow the court rules to the letter.

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